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Removalist Insurance Options

Consider all options with removalists insurance


The cover you obtain can vary between policies.

Here are the essential coverage you can expect when you purchase insurance coverage for your move:

  • Losing of or destruction to goods throughout the moving process
  • Loss or harm caused by road accidents during transit or due to removalists mishandling
  • Cover for incidental storage
  • Cover for longer-term self-nominated storage
  • Cover for different accommodation expenditures

Without proper cover, you leave yourself prone to loss during the removal procedure. Give yourself assurance by buying an all-encompassing moving cover policy.

Moving Insurance is always a good idea

It pays to be aware that your belongings may be exposed to risks which fall beyond our supervision. Just as you insure your belongings with home and content insurance, we encourage you take into consideration storage and transit insurance policy.

This will protect your possessions while being transported or held in storage.

Moving Insurance provide detailed coverage for your move at a competitive cost.


It is imperative that you purchase your own separate moving policy to ensure that you and your belongings are protected in the event of a mishap during your move.

We believe that high quality moving cover should be readily available to every Australian, no matter what their budget.

Your experienced removalist will likely possess their own coverage, but in many cases they are not liable for loss or damages to your possessions during your move.

Removalists strive to ensure that they are delivering your furniture and belongings with the utmost care, but collisions do happen, and a few factors are inescapable.

Every homeowner's policy is different. Many policies provide the option of moving cover, but it is not typically included in conventional cover.

When it comes to investing in moving insurance, you have many choices.

We realise that moving is a significant expenditure, and aim to alleviate some of the financial anxiety by offering the lowest moving insurance quotes possible.

It is essential that you know and are aware of your specific policy and its inclusions.

You have house and contents insurance and the removalist you hired is insured, aren't those covers enough?

Regretfully, they might possibly not be the case